24 September 2010

New Studio Arrivals

You didn't really think I'd relax on my vacation day did you?  I've been out stocking up on supplies while my works-in-progress dry between coats.  Here's some new arrivals to the Lather Creations studio.

Some great thrift finds just waiting to be transformed.  Like this super sturdy bedside table...

A classic side table with elegant curves...

And this to-die-for art deco chair, which was definitely over the usual LC budget but I just couldn't resist the music-inspired carving.  Perfect for the musician in your life, non?

I visited the lovely ladies at Benjamin Moore to update my mistint collection and settled on these fab shades...

I found these perfect pewter cup pulls in the bargain bin at the Habitat Restore for only a buck each...

And as the icing on the cake, my Etsy order of fabric arrived from Swanky Swell!  They look even juicier in person! Talk about motivation to get the creativity flowing!

The rest of the weekend will be a nice mix of family visits and projects.  What are you going to be getting up to this gorgeous fall weekend my friends?


  1. Those are some beautiful colours! And those pulls are a GREAT score! Have a good weekend:)

  2. hot digity damn! That chair is gonna be the shizzle.

  3. i wish i lived nearby i would love to purchase one of your creations!

    i really like that bedside table & i bet that chair will come out beautifully.

    the fabrics are pretty pretty pretty

  4. Great finds! I cant wait to see what you create!

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with the art deco chair. I have four of them as dining chairs...grandmas and she recovered them a few times, right now they are white leather. Lovin' the creativity Lenore mwah

  6. oh i need to go look at that fabric!!! fabulous selections you made and i can't wait to see what you do with your pieces!

  7. How do you put the fabric on the furniture? Love it! I would have sooo many of your pieces if I lived closer! Alyssa

  8. Those are such a great finds..I cant wait to see what you will do with them:)

  9. Thanks gals! Alyssa - I use the fabric to recover seat cushions on chairs and sometimes as an accent on a drawer front on inside a drawer (applied with Mod Podge). It's such a great way to add a dash of pattern to a solid piece!


  10. Cant' wait to see what you do w/the curvy side table. I have a similar one in my garage waiting for a makeover. But mine has some kind of shiny laminate coating that is making me nervous.

  11. The colours you picked up at BM are to die for! Can't wait to see your upcoming creations! Angie xo ps- and the muffins looked delish too!


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