17 September 2010

Love you Friday...

Good morning all!  Friday AM and all I need is some coffee to get me through the day...and then it's the weekend!

{Image via vol25}

What are you going to get up to this lovely fall weekend?


  1. I have a very glamorous weekend planned. Saturday is "Diversion Day" at the dump which means people drop off good stuff that they just don't want anymore. Hopefully I'll score big!

  2. I love that picture!
    I'm taking my new puppy to a dog event put on by the City. I'm going to learn how to clip her nails, clean her ears, and brush her teeth. Hopefully the weather cooperates!

  3. Love this poster...Awww I need some coffee too...My very best friend is coming to visit and I am planning to spend the weekend with her:)
    Happy Friday,sweetie

  4. Well here in NZ it is already Saturday morning, 7.50am, kids woke us up at 5.48am but that was still better than the earthquake at 4.36am a fortnight earlier! It is a beautiful crisp clear spring day and I am full of anticipation and energy for painting, yay! Got plenty to work on, so I am about to get started...hopefully will have some completed projects to post about later. Have a great weekend :)
    xx Karen

  5. I've got some more sewing to do for a client, and I'm working on organizing my cra(p)ft room. And trying to get the garage ready for cars. Is that what they're for?

  6. I drug all my goodies out to the Honey Bee Festival in Kernersville, NC. Had several sales and the weather was lovely! Rested all day Sunday!


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