02 September 2010

Thursday Blog Share: Paper Source

I'm head over heels for the awesome online store Paper Source.  Their tagline is 'do something creative every day', which I totally love and try to incorporate into my own life!

Since I do a lot of work with paper detailing on my furniture, I'm contstantly searching for great paper to use.  To date I've worked mainly with scrapbook paper and wallpaper.  But someone recommended using Japanese paper because of it's high durability and strength PLUS the amazing printed designs.  So then I stumbled upon Paper Source when I saw it being credited for several cool paper projects that caught my eye.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the papers I ordered:

{All images via Paper Source}

They also have a blog with lots of DIY projects and interesting new paper products here.  Check it out if you love all things paper or are looking to order something new!

Have a great Thursday friends!  In the words of Paper Source - try to do something creative every day!


  1. Ohh thanks so much for sharing..I really love the paper you bought, especially the last one:)

  2. thanks for sharing, Lenore:))

  3. Beautiful! Did you find the shipping to Canada reasonable?

  4. Yep, PAPER SOURCE has long been a favorite of mine. I have to have a good head on my shoulders to walk into their store or I'll walk out with way too much. I can be the devil. haha. especially in the fall. So many pretty things.

  5. I am in love with all your choices. Paper Source is so fab!

  6. My daughter and I LOVE Paper Source. They have recently opened up stores in malls not too far from us. I love the stacks of beautiful colored paper, card stock & envelopes. I try to buy new colors everytime I find myself in a store; alas, I usually find I already have those same colors at home. Oh well, I can't help it if I have a thing for olive green and yellows.

  7. LOVE Paper Source. There's one in the mall near me and I could spend hours there.

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