19 September 2010

Before and After: Briony's Princess Lavender Table and Chairs Set

Good morning to you!  I promised I would share some before and afters so here's one for you.  Lindsay commissioned Lather Creations to paint her daughter Briony's toddler-sized table and chairs set.  Here's a pic...

It was a cute set, but someone had glopped on tons of thick clear finish (and not very well I might add!).  So I sanded her down as best I could and filled in all the many screw holes for a more streamlined look.  I primed and coated the set in their chosen colour, a pretty pale lavender called Purple Clouds by CIL.  I finished it off with some handpainted B's so Briony will always be reminded that she's Queen B in her family!

Isn't it darling?  Oh to be a pint sized child again with nothing to do but have tea parties and play dolls!

Have a lovely day my friends!


  1. What a lucky little girl! This turned out great, what a difference from that blah stain!

  2. It's beautiful Lenore... Another fabulous creation!

  3. OH MY GOSH, Lenore. Briony is so in love with her 'new' table and chairs and they're gorgeous. She noticed them downstairs the second she woke up and declared her love for them immediately. You did a beautiful job. I can't believe what a huge difference a little bit of attention to detail can make - like filling the screw holes. Thanks again!

  4. It is darling! so darn cute! I love the color.
    thanks for linking to my first ever link party.

  5. What an improvement! Great feeback from the Mum too, well done :)
    xx Karen

  6. so simple and cute! i love it! i bet briony is going to love playing tea party and coloring with gal pals (and mom!) at this table!

  7. So darn cute! Such a sweet comment from her mom, that is what its all about!


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