12 September 2010

Furniture and studio in progress

Good morning to you!  How's your Sunday going so far?  The sun if finally shining here and our house is a hub of activity.  J is trying to get our roof done now that the rain has subsided (who would have thought that would turn into a several week project??) and I'm painting up a storm.  Here's a sneak peek on what I'm working on.

Lindsay's table and chairs set for her daughter Briony...

This pretty farmhouse style chair...

And these tiny tables...

Also, I'm so excited because J is transforming our basement into my winter studio space for Lather Creations!  Now, let me tell you...I skeptical about the useability of this dark and dingy root cellar.  See for yourself!

But J has convinced me that he can turn it into my own personal furniture restoration mecca and in between roofing tasks, he's been cleaning it out and building me work benches. 

Here's the first of my two workbenches.  They will be built in an L shape with one at counter height and one much lower for bigger pieces to sit.

I know, hard to envision any inspiration down there!  But in the next few weeks he's going to lay down some underlay for warmth on my tootsies, add another lower bench to work on multiple pieces at a time and my job is to dress it up nice.  I'm going to hunt for several lamps and lights to brighten things up and I'm contemplating nailing white sheets to the ceiling for even more light.

At Walmart, I saw that Martha Stewart's line of crafting supplies had been marked down  and I've had my eye out for a cutting mat, so I picked up this pretty mat and rotary cutter for the new studio.

I'd love your input on how to turn my dingy basement into a bright and inspirational space on a budget!  What would you do to lighten things up?  How would you make it a place you would want to work?

Thanks for sharing with me and have a gorgeous Sunday!


  1. What a sweet husband! I would try to add a lot of light colours in your studio to make it bright! Maybe a few mirrors to reflect light too. Angie xo

  2. Lots of Light Paint. Lights from the ceilings. Mirrors as mentioned above. Don't forget ventilation-eek don't want to breath in too many fumes~Alyssa

  3. Hi Lenore, that basement space looks fantastic! My vote is for light colours (white) and ventilation as well. I have one of those super bright halogen lamps on a stand, that gives off a really nice white light which is great for working with in dim conditions. Also a little fan heater could be your new best friend as you head into winter!

    xx Karen

  4. You could rent a paint sprayer (or maybe you already have one) and spray the walls and the ceiling white.

  5. Definitely agreeing with everyone about painting it white, and how about a few framed pictures on the wall of your previous reinventions? I'd also get something to play music down there so you can listen while you work.

  6. wonderful husband! I think it can be great! my hubby will be making a paint station in the garage for me. it wont get me through the winter but close.
    Loved looking at all of the before and afters I missed. You do great work!


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