27 September 2010

Before and After: Sky Blue Vintage Chair

How's your evening going?  I had the urge to bake so I'm trying a new lemon square recipe, they're baking as we speak!  They're celebration squares, since I woke up to over 100 followers this morning.  Wow! Thanks so much! Since I can't give you a lemon square in person I'm sending you a virtual dainty and a hot cup of tea... 

In the meantime, I finished up this chair I was working on this weekend.  It's a super simple transformation for Lather Creations, starting with a solid wood chair with great lines.  I must really be losing it because once again I forgot the before shot.  I need to go back to my practice of shooting it the minute it comes home or I risk this happening!

Well trust me, she was in need of a makeover so I sanded her down, primed her and covered her in this lovely shade of sky blue by CIL called 'Bear Run'.  Now she's ready to adorn someone's space!

The lighting was pretty dark by the time I got home from work so I decided to shoot outside.  As you can see, fall is in full force up here in Canada!

If you are living in the Winnipeg area amidst the fall season, you can purchase the Sky Blue Vintage Chair here!

Hope you have a lovely Monday evening and talk to you soon...


  1. it looks so cute with that picket fence in the background. i love the color- especially against those fall leaves. makes me want to grab a blanket, grab a book, and a hot cup of coffee and hang out in a cozy nook under a tree!

  2. I adore that colour...You are doing so well:)
    Happy Tuesday,sweetie

  3. i LOVE fall :)

    & i really need to start attempting some creative projects like to do!

  4. I love this little chair, The color is perfect!

  5. Your chair turned out so sweet!


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