28 April 2010

Well Suited

What's the worse thing to shop for?  Bathing suits of course!

With only 2 days until I leave for one glorious week in the Florida Keys, I was still without bathing suit.  Oh sure, I had that ratty years-old suit with the stretched out straps and the see through bum.  So. Not. Acceptable.  But previous shopping trips had proved fruitless.

Until my lunch hour today!  Would you believe I found the absolutely perfect retro maillot during a 35 minute race against time?  That never happens!

My new suit makes me feel like a 60's sex goddess/movie star.  It's simple, elegant and retro in the best kind of way. 

I'm not a bikini gal and it's impossible to find cute one-pieces.  They are always so matronly, with outdated prints and miles of painful wires and layers of material.  I picked up this saucy little number at Swimwear Etc. , the price wasn't ridiculous AND it has UPF +50 sun protection!

This is how I imagine I look in it...

{Courtesy of Opera}

I cannot wait to frolic in the ocean in my fabulous new suit.  Thank you shopping gods!

I'd love to hear about your oh-so-perfect shopping find...

Written with love,


  1. Love the pic...perhaps the music in the backgound is the theme song to Beach Blanket Bingo with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon??

    Are you missing Splurge?

  2. Thanks for adding a soundtrack to my internal experience!!

    No ma'am, I will be at Splurge!

  3. Did you bring that large beach ball with you to Florida too?

  4. FABULOUS. I might go look for the same one. (Is that weird? hehe)

  5. Sadly, I cannot fit the beach ball into the suitcase...

    Lindsay, you must go get it - it's at the Polo Park shop! Every woman deserves to look fabulous at the beach/pool/backyard lounge chair!

  6. Thanks for the tip! I didn't get the same one, but it's kind of similar - and I love it. Least painful bathing suit shopping experience of my life... And now I'm all set for OUR trip :)

  7. So glad you found one Lindsay!!



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