12 April 2010

Free Starbucks on Thursday!

I have a Starbucks addiction.

I know, I know...I am not alone.  The darn cost is bleeding me dry.  I could be making payments on a brand new Accord for the money I funnel their way. 

So imagine my delight to discover I could indulge for free this Thursday!!  On April 15th, bring your reusable travel mug to your local Starbucks and they will fill it with coffee for zip, zilch, nada!

This is being done in an effort to eliminate paper cups completely.

Go ahead - hit your local Starbucks this Thursday guilt-free!

Written with love,


  1. Interesting how Starbucks at least *tries* to go for the green market, whereas Tim Hortons doesn't even bother.

  2. For the most part I'd agree with you Robin! Although the last road trip I took, we produced a thermos and managed to squeeze 5 or 6 double doubles in there for some ridiculous price like 4 bucks! Mostly because the server didn't really know what it cost to use a thermos. I guess I just made your point....ha ha.

    Also, you'd think Timmy's would outlaw the damn 'double cup'. One cup is enough people!! If anything, that takes out a good 1/3 of the rainforest every month.

    Baby steps...


  3. Oh, Lenore + Starbucks = Great girlie break I miss dearly.

  4. I miss it so much too! But the countdown is on, you are back in T minus 10 months...I wish!!


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