11 April 2010

Pssst! Love shoes?

I've got a shoe shopping secret to share. 

If you love to shop for shoes and either a) have a hard-to-find-size, b) prefer to shop in the comfort of your home or c) don't like the attitude you can get at the shoe store when you want to try on lots of pairs, then I've got the answer for you.

Aldo has a great selection of stylish, reasonably priced shoes.  But everytime I go into the store, they never seem to have my size (the elusive size 11).  Then I found out that on their website, they carry almost every single style in 11.  Eureka!  Shipping is free for an order over $100 (order 2 pairs and you're usually covered) and you can do free returns at any Aldo store.  It's a dream come true!

I recently ordered 2 pairs of black leather ballet flats to compare, returned one and kept these bad boys...

How nice to do my shopping pressure free and get the exact shoes I want - without driving around the mall parking lot for 20 minutes trying to find a spot!

Oh yeah - and my Pumas arrived!  Here they are in all their scarlet glory.

May the shoe be with you!!!

Written with love,


  1. Too funny. My mom and sister are both size eleven. I will let them know.

  2. great shoes.....and Aldo should be giving you at least a free pair for the free advertising you have done for them....why not send them your blog for fun.....? (Couldn't hurt?)

  3. And...if you go to an Aldo store and they don't have your size, you can ask them to give you a code to get free shipping from the website. I love shopping for shoes at Aldo online!

  4. Yeah, the red Puma's! Welcome home little ones. LOL Nat

  5. Thanks Laura - what a great idea! Despite my shyness, I did the shameless self-promotion thing and emailed it to them as well as posting it on their Facebook page.

    Yes Raina! I forgot to mention that because I've used their online coupons as well. Good call.

    Thanks Nat! Life is so different here than the last round of 'life' spent wearing the first pair. But it helps me remember all the good times...I'm really enjoying your blog as well - keep all the health food coming!

    You should all check out Nat's blog - www.healthfoodjunkies.ca.



  6. Mmm... Online shoe shopping is a new obsession of mine. I love that I can always find the right size in the right colour. Sadly, I have maybe a 50% success rate in actually having them fit when they arrive - but Aldo makes it brainlessly easy to return them in store.

    Nice to meet you! Always happy to meet other people who 'get' what I do. And I notice that you work at Fusion... SMALL CITY. Fusion was my first-ever advertising job. Say hi to Anja for me ;)

  7. I agree it can be a challenge Lindsay! But at least you can feel sad about it in your bedroom instead of in front of 10 other shoppers.

    Great to meet you too and I will say hi to Anja for sure!



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