25 April 2010

Happy Sunday

It's bbq season!

My family is in town and staying with us.  The warm weather begs for a bbq, the perfect family gathering.  I was stuck in a rut on the burgers and dogs for the big group, but my other half came up with a little bit of bbq brilliance. 

The shishkabob!  Or, as he likes to call it - the shishkajack!  What a great way to enjoy tons of fresh grilled veggies and really impress the family.   We chose the classic mushrooms, red onion, green pepper and tomatoes (they add a real juicy flavour).  Marinated sirloin completes the bunch.

Why not try something different for you next bbq? 

Happy Sunday and enjoy the final day of your weekend!

Written with love, Lenore


  1. Every year I try to grill eggplant, even though it's always soggy and tastes nasty. Some day I'll figure something out. Pork chops were amazing though :)

  2. Hmmm, I've never tried eggplant but it doesn't sound like I should! :)

    Pork chops are a good one though, but I always forget about them when I am planning. Next time for sure!

    The shiskabobs were a big hit - and tasted great!


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