23 April 2010

Starbucks Hearts Soy

I was grabbing my usual soy latte at Starbucks today when the barista leaned over and told me a secret.

Starbucks will now be making their frappucinos with soy, if one so desires...

This was met with sheer delight on my part, at which point I thanked the barista profusely for taking it upon himself to inform me of this juicy little nugget.  With the warmer weather setting in, I had relegated myself to a long hot summer of iced soy lattes (good girl) instead of frothy frappucinos (bad girl).

Soy lovers rejoice! 

We get to be good girls AND bad girls this summer.

Written with love, Lenore


  1. Good news for soy lovers, but what about the bad after taste???

  2. I didn't care for the aftertaste when I made the big switcheroo to soy....but eventually I didn't notice it anymore. I'll report back on the frappucinos, hopefully it's not too bad!


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