30 April 2010

A Sunny Door

This door just plain brightened my day!

I almost missed it during my walk as the house has dense foliage and it was pouring rain.  But the sunny yellow caught my eye just as I was passing by. 

Not only is this what I imagine the colour of happiness to be....but the whitewashed boards and raw wood decking give it a warm, country feel.  It's hard to see, but the red sign is handpainted with welcome on it.  A fresh bouquet of flowers acts as a modern wreath.  Love it!

I imagine the owner to be kind, with smile crinkles around her eyes and her hair tied back from digging in the garden...she probably has loads of books all over the house and bakes her own bread.

So it's happened, on only my second door scouting trip for the door series.  A truck pulled up beside me down the street to question why I was photographing their house.  I pled charming and just told them I had a love of beautifully decorated doors and kept a photo collection of them. 

Should I have explained the blog?  Would they get it?  Should I start knocking on doors for pre-approval of my shots? 

And advice would be welcomed!

Written with love,


  1. Thanks for braving protective owners for the shot. Nicely done.

  2. I love that colour! So brave of the person to go with Canary yellow for a door. I've always wanted to try indigo blue or pear grean.

  3. I love doors, too, and have run a series of them on my blog where the readers rate them. They're always fun posts. What a beauty this door is here!

  4. I love this door, and your description of the home owner. I say, print a photo, put it in their mailbox, and know that it will live on their fridge for many years.


  5. i love the yellow... it really is happy!! have a nice weekend!

  6. Isn't it so great? I love a bold choice. I bet they feel glad they painted it every time they come home! Thanks for all the comments and you all have a wonderful weekend.



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