05 April 2010

To blog or not to blog...

In the land of blogging, is it better to post a lazy blog when you have nothing to say or not to blog at all?  Does this go hand in hand with the 'if you don't have anything nice to say' rule? 
One of the challenges I'm facing with the blog is walking the fine line between interesting content for readers and flat out journaling.  I know you are interested or you wouldn't be reading, but a play by play of my day is not always riveting entertainment.  It's day 4 of 4 days off so I'm probably just running low on inspiration. 
A lot can happen in 4 days - like say a baby being born (welcome to the world nephew Wyatt), several family get-togethers with copious amounts of food consumption (thanks mostly to Fred!), more getting to know of my other half's family (so nice to spend time with you Kathy), multiple morning sleep-ins (my favourite!), researching a selecting a healthier dog food alternative (thanks to the folks at Pet Valu for their advice, we ended up choosing Wellness so we'll see how Gus likes it), a few lattes and dog park visits (one of my new favourite things to do) and now trying to be creative about turkey leftover recipes (I'm about to start a turkey rice soup).  And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 
But I did want to stick with my goal of staying regular with the writing, and I'm glad I did.  Here's a shot of me and my first ever nephew the day he was born.  Oh to be starting your life at day one!

Written with love,


  1. I'm enjoying the blogging...very entertaining.

  2. Thanks Shauna! It's nice to hear that someone is out there listening!



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