24 April 2010

Boot Lovin'

I'm ready for spring 2011!

This spring, the backyard of our new beloved house became a swimming pool.  Poor drainage, a sloping piece of land, quick thaw...whatever the reason I was unable to make it to the truck without a lifeboat.  So I parked on the street for several weeks. 

I also ruined several pairs of shoes at the dog park.  I dreamed of the perfect pair of cute rubber boots to save my drenched soul.

And so they appeared!  At Winners.  For $24.99!!  Granted, the fairy godmother delivered them several weeks too late.  But in my closet they will sit until spring rears it's soaking wet head next year...

For anyone else looking, I saw solids, animal prints, plaids like mine, and many other adorable pairs for cheap, cheap, cheap!

Written with love, Lenore

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