27 April 2010

Many lovely things

Some people are born artists. 

My friend and co-worker Anja Studer makes jewellery and purses, shoots amazing photography and paints lovely pictures.  She simply creates.

In May, Anja will be  moving into a work space in the Cre8ery Gallery here in Winnipeg, as well as showing her work in their upcoming summer show.

You can sheck out Anja's blog here and her flicker portfolio here.

I'm lucky enough to have Anja taking my photo for the blog sometime in the coming weeks.  I'm so excited for a professional photo shoot!  Watch for it...

Written with love, Lenore

1 comment:

  1. Talk about being multi-talented! That purse is gorgeous and don't even get me started on the jewelry! Love. xoxo katie


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