23 April 2010

Things I Covet

I covet beautiful notebooks.

Maybe it's the writer in me.  Maybe it's my love of organic prints. 

Whatever the case, I set out on this gorgeous Friday after work in search of a lovely little notebook. 

It is one of those days, where you don't mind sitting in traffic because the sun is shining.  Your radio station is kind enough to play some Bob Marley and you are starting your weekend. 

I stopped into The Creative Paper Gallery Ltd. on Corydon to see what they had in stock.  Besides cards, wrapping paper, paper products and wedding invitations, this little shop carries all kinds of giftware, trinkets and beautiful things. 

I picked up this set of 3 writer's notebooks from Galison Green, they're 100% recycled, come in 3 pretty, leafy patterns and I will feel happy everytime I make a list or jot down an idea!

Written with love,


  1. CUTE.

    I'm totally a notebook junkie too, so let's definitely blame it on the writer thing.

  2. Okay, we will!

    Chapters has really cute ones too, I'm always drooling over theirs!


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