17 March 2011

Rubber Boot Round-up

Well it's FINALLY warming up here in the cold, harsh prairies and I am overjoyed! This means we're just a wee bit closer to lake season. But warming up means all that slushy dirty snow has to go somewhere...lately it's been going all over my leather boots! Not good. So today I'm doing a rubber boot round-up to get you in the mood for cute and stylish boots to battle the spring swells. If you have them of course. If you live in Las Vegas (R!) then I'm hating on you right now.

I kid. Here's some of my top rubber boot picks for spring!
Image via {aldo}
Image via {aldo}

I'm loving these chic options from Aldo. Especially those second ones, they make me think of Chanel...

Images via {Old Navy}

These girly ones from Old Navy are adorable and always on budget. If I didn't already have my blue plaid pair I picked up last year at Winners...I'd be all over these!

Images via {Target}

For you south of the border, Target has some bold options, like these animal print booties.

Image via {Piper Lime}

And Piper Lime has a huge selection of classic Hunter wellies in fab seasonal colours. You can click on the photo links to buy online or check them out.

What will you be sporting on your feet to keep dry friends? Found any great rubbers out there?


  1. I have Hunters and Im wearing them today as its raining since the morning. I love your selection, sweetie. Have a great day

  2. I haven't worn rubber boots since I was a kid. These picks are tempting me to buy some this year! I especially love the Hunter ones. Something about the shapely detail in the foot of the boot.

  3. My favorite would have to be the Hunters :) I want to own one ;)

  4. I heart those black and white ones!! These are definitely a must...I wear them during the winter too!

  5. I don't need boots in the desert but very cute black and cream ones.

  6. So many cute wellies! I got a leopard Sperry pair this year!

  7. i have THE most insensible shoes. i really need to change that.


    xo Alison

  8. ah! I was just talking with some friends today about Hunters....I WANT these: http://usa.hunter-boot.com/2/6/Product-Search/Original-Tall-Women/CHOCOLATE/HNTORGW_CHC.aspx


  9. The puddles out there are crazy!!! There's one on our street that is three houses long and takes up half the width of the road.
    I'm just wearing the same boots I've been wearing all winter. Luckily they work. I love those black and white aldo boots.
    I hope your basement stays dry!

  10. I LOVE hunters!!!! that green colour on the site is sooo cute!

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