10 March 2011

Thursday Blog Share: A Beautiful Mess

Have you read A Beautiful Mess? It's one of my favourite new blogs lately so thanks Brooke for introducing me to it! Blogger Elsie has created the most amazing mix of girly style, vintage craftiness and helpful advice, DIY and tutorials. It's just such a fun read and I look forward to it every day!

She has lots of fun columns on topics like her daily outfits, 10 things she loves, Project ReStyle (where she transforms something old into something fresh), photography tips, and hair and makeup tutorials (ps...I'm totally trying those maiden braids sometime very soon!).

She even teaches e-courses on topics like blogging (I took it and loved it!), making photojournals and retro beauty school. How adorable is that?

She recently opened a physical shop for her business Red Velvet, started her own dress line (that's one below!) and is planning her upcoming wedding! Is there anthing this girl can't do?

 {all images via A Beautiful Mess}

I find her endless creativity endlessly inspiring. Hope you stop by A Beautiful Mess and think so too!

Happy Thursday!


  1. A beautiful mess is one of my favorite blogs too :)

  2. i think it's funny how often the style/decor/scrapbooking world collide. elise is a big name in the scrapbooking world b/c she used to have her own line of products! sadly they've been discontinued as she's ventured into other crafty areas. but i think it's funny how you stumbled upon her blog.

  3. FUN! Thanks for sharing! Elsie looks adorable and so chic.

  4. thanks for the introduction to A Beautiful Mess!!


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