31 March 2011

Exciting Announcement: Lather is Going Global!

Hello friends! Thanks for your well-wishes, I'm feeling much better today.  So good in fact, that I can't hold out any longer - I'm showing you a sneak peek of my giveaway item for my 1st Blogiversary and the prototype for my new Lather Creations Etsy shop! Maybe it will entice you to enter if you haven't already?? The draw is tomorrow so get in there asap!

Isn't she lovely? Let me tell you her story...

The {Love} Handpainted Necklace Hanger is upcyled from reclaimed scraps of hardwood flooring. As many of you know, my amazing fiance J and his partner G owns his own hardwood flooring company called Meticulous Wood Flooring. They have a true 'green' focus - through using water-based finishes, reusing salvaged gym floors and doing dustless sanding. (if you live in Manitoba or Saskatchewan and are looking to have your floors done, he's your guy :)

Well J often comes home with a truckbox full of scrap hardwood from a job, unusable ends and low quality boards that are headed to the dump. It took me a while but I've finally come up with a creative way of rescuing J's hardwood remnants with Lather Creations. I'm handpainting necklace hangers in my signature 'Lather' style! Plus these are perfect for the Etsy shop I've always wanted but doesn't work too well with large furniture pieces and cross-border headaches. Don't worry, I'm going to continue my local furniture business and my extended line of necklace hangers will be sold exclusively on Etsy!

The winner of tomorrow's giveaway gets my very first one! I'll be building up my inventory for the Etsy shop launch and you will be the first to know when it's ready to go....

Depending on my mood, the season and what I have on hand - each hanger will feature different hand painted palettes, words and knobs. I'm Lathering up a storm in my studio to make the perfect girly additions to your closet, dressing area, powder room or bedroom - wherever you happen to keep your lovely baubles! Here's a few pics of the {Love} hanger showing off her stuff...

Isn't she pretty? Although tempting to keep her all to myself, I'll be sending her off to the giveaway winner shortly!! I've also made another style of necklace holder that I'll be showing off to you tomorrow...but it's a gift for a friend so she needs to see it first of course!

Now tell me friends, I'm dying to hear what you think about Lather Creations coming soon to Etsy? Plus, any seasoned sellers out there - any advice on starting out would be welcomed with open arms. Of course I have many details to work out like shipping and payment and such, so please share your lessons learned...

Have an amazing day and thanks for being here for me!


  1. So cute!! An Etsy shop sounds like a brilliant idea for you!

  2. This is so pretty! I think that I would need more than one... Great work Lenore!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it- so fantastic- mazel tov-
    Thank you for contributing to less landfill waste- I salut you!

  4. Love it! I'm so happy for you Lenore. Your blog is so great and your creations are gorg! Good luck with your shop!

  5. 1. I hope I wiiiiin!
    2. I love the idea of your Etsy shop.
    3. I am hoping, after graduation (when I can dedicate more time), to start up my own Etsy shop....and I'd love to catch up with you then to see how you're doing and what you did to get started! :) Or I'm sure I'll read about it on here ;)

  6. that is such a great idea! and yay! congrats on getting etsified!

  7. That's so exciting! It's really cute, good luck with you new adventure.

  8. That is a very clever idea! Congratulations on opening an Etsy shop.

  9. Squee! That is so cute. And I'm so excited that you're staring an Etsy shop!!!! YAY!

  10. cute! i love it! :)


  11. I love your blog! You have a new follower. p.s. I clicked on your twitter button to follow you there too--but it said page not found..
    Anyway, your blog is a fresh and you are very talented. xo

  12. that is so cute, what a fantastic idea!

    I LOVE it, hehe :)

    xx Karen


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