20 March 2011

Fun Photobooth = Happy Bride

Hello and happy Sunday! It's raining here ( I love love rain!) which means spring is finally coming to Winnipeg. AND it happens to be the first day of Spring so yay for that. J and Gus and I are having movie day under the duvet and in between we're puttering around doing laundry, painting furniture and blogging of course!

It's been a while since I've shared a wedding update and truthfully, that's because it's been in a bit of a lull. All the 'big stuff' is booked and now I'm just concentrating on details. But with my upcoming Red River College workshops, tax season and a special project I can't share with you yet - well let's just say it seems to never slow down!

My biggest wedding challenge is currently the invitations, I'm learning the design programs as I go so it's a wee bit slow. Plus I'm having trouble narrowing down a style. I may have to show you some of my options and see what you think! Another day...

Today we're talking photography. I have always wanted a photobooth at the wedding, I thought it would be such a fun and candid way to capture the fun of the night - both for guests and for us. But renting one was out of the budget. But my AMAZING wedding photographer Leah Bima has agreed to bring her portrait set up and studio lights so we can create our own at the venue - I just have to create some backdrops and props. SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!  I'll be hunting for cool fabric, maybe even making my own painted backdrop with vintage white sheets and hand painted bunting....oh so many ideas...

Here's a few photobooths I've seen in the wedding blogs, so fun and inspirational!

{image via once wed}

Just wanted to share my fun wedding news with you! What are you up to this weekend friends?


  1. How fun!
    I like the bunting idea...

  2. I love those photos!! :) Glad to find another local blogger, and if you ever need help with wedding-related things, let me know - I can help with invitations, programs, etc. We designed all our own stuff for our wedding in December and it's way more fun to have something that really reflects your personalities rather than a cookie-cutter design!

  3. Thanks so much Emily, that's a very sweet offer! I like meeting local bloggers too, your bog didn't attach so can you email it to me?


  4. We had a photo booth at our wedding and it was my absolute favorite thing! It was really fun to let loose with our guests--and we did the same thing as you. Our photog set up a backdrop and then our guests just posed in front of it. PLUS, sending your guests prints of their pics is a wonderful thank you gift! :)

  5. I love how these photo booths have blown up over the last few years, they are the greatest wedding invention ever! I used cute chalk boards that I dolled up that people could write messages on. It was a fun addition!

  6. Loove these photo booth pics...can't wait till I get married and have one of my own! This weekend (I know it's late...lol) I picnicked with some of my best friends, and it was a BLAST. Check out my blog for pics! :)



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