28 March 2011

Just call me Carrie Bradshaw...

You are all so lovely. Thank you for your encouraging, thoughful and sweet comments about my 1-year blogiversary! If you haven't already entered the giveway, do take a minute to stop by and leave a comment. The winner will be drawn at random on Friday.

Today, I'm telling you the story of a closet...actually it's the story of a 100 year old house that we bought a year and a half ago. A house that had NO CLOSETS. Yes, I was blinded by the abundance of natural lighting, cool loft master bedroom and proximity to downtown. Little did I know I would have NOWHERE TO PUT MY CLOTHES! As a minor shopaholic, this has been a problem.

A problem that my fiance J is craftily solving! He is building me a closet at Casa Hume-McGee. And can I just say, besides getting down on one knee and proposing, this is by far the most romantic thing he's ever done for me...

Here's a before shot of our upstairs loft master bedroom. It has cove ceilings and a lovely pipe that runs through the middle. Not so useful.

Here's a shot of where my poor clothes are now, on a bellhop's rolling wardrobe (or stylist as I like to think :). They are exposed, in the way and blocking my make-up mirror. Arrggh!

Over the last few weeks, my sweet J has built a closet out of thin air! He framed it in, laid hardwood (this gorgeous maple will eventually replace all the nasty carpet upstairs), wired in lighting on the inside and around the area and installed the strongest wood bar available (he knows I've got some weight in my wardrobe!).

On the weekend, he finished the doors (with some cool detailing) and I picked out extra special handles for it...he also has big plans to build open shelving between our two sides that will hide the unslightly pole and house our sweaters and jeans.  More pictures to come later in the week!

I've died and gone to closet heaven and it's really just confirmed that J is man I absolutely must marry...

How important is a good closet to you friends? Do you have exactly what you need or do you dream of Oprah's walk-in?


  1. What a lovely closet! My mom's house is over 300 years old, and she's also lacking in the closet area - where did people used to store their STUFF? ;)

  2. awesome! will we see a "shoe closet" next?

  3. *swoon*

    Our house actually has decent closet space in the bedrooms - especially considering how old the place is. HOWEVER... I won't be truly satisfied until it's large enough for a small family to live in ;)

  4. I love a good closet. I totally have gone onto Ikea's website and designed my own closet. My dream close it a little bit of a walk in with a mid island for jewelry and accessories.

  5. Not to be the critic, but are you going to be able to hang hangers straight on that bar without hitting the sloping wall behind it? I speak from experience - didn't realize until I moved in that the hangers can't be straight in the already small bedroom closet!
    Regardless, looks good!

  6. OOoooh!!! I love it! Oh the advantages of home ownership. Our lovely old apartment only has a broom closet in our tiny bedroom.
    I would love to see how the first occupants of this place lived.

  7. man he's good! It looks fantastic!


  8. What an amazing closet and he did such a great job with it. Im totally impressed:) Have a lovely Tuesday, sweetie and Im off to enter your giveaway. Muah

  9. Ooo, you are a lucky woman! That is going to be a great closet!

  10. WHOA!! Jaw seriously dropped over here. Looks amazing!

  11. Thank goodness for the crafty men in our lives! Love your closet space (it is so spacious...I am a bit envious ;))...look at you all organized :)

  12. thank YOU for stopping by my blog! i hope you like the green tea shake!

    and congratulations on your closet, it's a great size and the location and shape add a great LOOK to the room. you and j are so crafty!


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