03 March 2011

I got Whippycaked!

After months of coveting their delightful headpieces, I finally splurged on my very own Whippycake! Every Monday, Becki puts one of her adorable handmade hair pieces on sale, so I broke down and orded the mini-version of Finicky from the Petit Fleur collection....isn't she adorable?

{all images via Whippycake}

Now I just have to work up the nerve to wear it!

Friends - I have a question...do you feel confident enough to pull off anything or do you hold yourself back from certain clothes or accessories that catch your fancy? If you do, why? I know I do it but I'd love to hear your insight on why we can't just be ourselves!


  1. I'll try anything once!! =) This hair piece is beautiful! I'd definitely give it a shot!! =)

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  2. Hi Lenore, that is cute!

    Good question...I was super confident to wear whatever I wanted in my teens and early 20's, but now I look back and kind of cringe, I was a couple of stone heavier then, and it involved short tight dresses and cropped tops (eeek, it was the late 80's/early 90's). At the same time though, I think good on me, I really thought I looked ok and didn't care what others thought. Then as I got towards my 30's (and thinner, lol) I started to care alot. Becoming a mother at 32 shook up my sense of who I am like nothing else, and I started dressing the most conservatively I ever had, but hated it, just didn't know what 'a mother' should wear. LOL. I got over that by the time my daughter was about one. Now, I am 39, I know that I can't always wear what I would like because I am getting to old, lol, but at the same time, my confidence and sense of who I am is better than ever in a way, and I know if I want to get away with wearing something 'out there' I had better just hurry up and do it before I get even older, lol!

    Crazy shoes are my main fashion statement, but lately I also love wearing a dress even when no-one else does. I get jokingly called a 'Stepford wife' by my friends but I really don't care.

    So there is your little peek inside my brain today :)

    xx Karen

  3. (preface with this... i'm new to this blog and this is my first time commenting!)

    i feel like now that i'm in my 30's i'm making more and more fashion risks. i just don't seem to care what people think of me. i guess with age comes a sense of confidence in not worrying about what others may or may not say. i love that about getting older. :) (one of the few things!)

    i say rock the headpiece! it's gorg and i bet it'll look smashing on you. when you do wear it, be sure to snap a pic to post up here!

  4. Great question!! It's funny but I feel SO much more confident now in my 30's than I ever did when I was younger! I could kick myself now for all the browns and blacks I wore through my teens and 20's! I adore brightly colored shoes and purses and would wear this hair piece in a heartbeat (in fact, I'm going to go check out her site and may just buy one!). I have a harder time wearing a bold dress or shirt, but I'm all over the accessories!

  5. Those are so gorgeous. I'm sure they'll look great on you. With your height I think you can pull off any look you want!

  6. I just 'discovered' your blog... and it's so lovely.

    I certainly do hold myself back in certain situations. I teach at a university, and as I'm not much older {and sometimes younger} than my students, I feel the need to be super appropriate at work to send out a message that I'm approachable, but still in charge of the seminar room with my clothing. Not showing too much skin, making sure what I'm wearing is not distracting from what I'm saying... these are daily considerations. In other situations, the only thing that keeps me from expressing my style confidently is comfort. Layering in the Brisbane summer heat? forget it. Strolling along the seashore with my hubby in sky-high heels? I'd look cute, but I wouldn't get very far. I don't worry about being too dressed up when everyone around me looks like a slob, but I do think dressing that contradicts the climate or activity one is pursuing always looks pretty ridiculous. So no, you won't see me in stiletto hiking boots!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  7. I do hold back on wearing certain things because I think it would look better on someone else than on myself. I'm slowly learning to be okay with trying new things clothing wise and in life. You should go for it and wear those beautiful hair accessories. I think they would like great on you!

  8. I LOVE that! Be brave and wear it!!

  9. Ooooh! Love this, it's so pretty and the colors are awesome! A year or two ago, a friend gave me one of those ban.do feathered clips and it was so dramatic that I was self-conscious about wearing it. But when I finally did, I got SO many compliments. Maybe wear your whippycakes in a casual way, like the model is, while you're out running errands. I'm willing to bet you'll get lots of wonderful oohs and ahhs! :)

  10. I've been expressing myself through accessories for about a year now. I started with Mommy Necklaces (that's their proper name and they aren't just for mothers!) and branched out to crocheted headbands. I'm planning on going for more of a WhippyCake look for spring as the crocheted headbands are quite warm. It takes a kind of courage to be unique in that way, but I embraced the challenge and have been surprised to receive nothing but compliments. I had no idea WhippyCake had a weekly sale... I have some stalking ahead of me!


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