05 March 2011

Hair, Hair, Everywhere...

My hair adventures continue...

 One thing I hate to do is wash my hair everyday. Especially on the weekend! But I don't like how it feels down. So I continue my quest for easy yet pretty ways to put it up. Today I had to run some business errands so I needed to look professional, but still me. So I tried something new.  I love the hair tutorials over at Cup of Jo. She recently posted this one for three twisted buns and it really is an easy one. Basically it's three sections twisted into little buns so it ends up looking like mini cinnamon buns.

J has been calling me Princess Leia all day...

Do like the guidance of hair tutorials? Or do you prefer to experiment on your own?

Have a lovely weekend friends!


  1. I think it's super cute Lenore. I'm proud of you for experimenting with your hair!! Can't wait to see the whippycake addition. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love it! Recently I've been liking the twisty bun to one side. I like being able to see the bun so it doesn't just look like a basic pony tail.

    I haven't used a tutorial before. I just see something I like and see if I can do it. Usually I can't ;p

  3. So cute! I'm definitely guilty of a perpetual ponytail, I should try being more adventurous.

  4. Oh my hair is a love hate battle. I'd been growing it out for the past two years but just got it chopped off this week. I'd intended on getting it trimmed but the hairdresser told me I had enough to donate! It'll work for me for now being shorter as it's difficult going to the gym every day and dealing with the big sweaty mess afterwards.

  5. I have recently fallen in love with tutorials - I'm so boring without them!

    My two fav:

    70s curls:


    messy high bun:


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