13 March 2011

34 going on 21...

Happy Sunday friends! How's your weekend going? J and Gus left today for Saskatchewan to do flooring job and visit J's sister, so I'm home all by my lonesome. I was feeling a little blue, a little bored and yes, a little lonely. So I decided to fix myself up with the best remedy I know...retail therapy! 

Forever 21 just opened yesterday in our little town and it's a pretty big deal. I know I'm not 21, far from it, but I decided to brave the crowds to check out some cute accessories and see what's what. In order to feel worthy of grand store opening, I needed grand store opening hair...without having to wash it! (you know I hate that on the weekends!) So I decided to try a new hair tutorial recommended by lovely reader Rebecca of A Daily Something  for the messy high SJP bun - check it out here! Fancy shmancy for a Sunday, dontcha' think? I felt very glamourous towering over the tweens at Forever 21.

So about that, I was definitely one of the older gals there (other than moms) but I was reassured to see a few other thirtysomething faces in the crowd! And then, my world literally exploded when I saw that Forever 21 had a plus size section (I'm normally a 14-16 so I can usually get away with regular sizing but Forever 21 wants to knock my self esteem down a notch - thanks...). 

Eureka! I tried to wipe the giddy smile off my face as I dove into the racks of $27 dresses. So awesome! I killed my feet and back waiting in ultra long change room and check out lines, but I'm happy to have found some adorable summer dresses at amazing prices. They're a little bold for me, but I love the and their vivid prints so I'm just going to have to suck up my nervousness and enjoy wearing them!  

Here's a peek at my score:

Have you started spring shopping yet? What's on your wish list friends?


  1. Those are lovely summer dresses, Lenore. I love prints! I'm eyeing a striped long skirt from Anthropologie.

  2. oooo LOVE the yellow and black one. i am not a dress person [skirts sometimes] either but thinkin i should step it up a notch and try it this summer. and triple arm pump to you for braving those crowds!!

  3. Yay, you tried the messy bun tutorial, and did a FANTASTIC job! & you do look glamorous...I love it :) I definitely haven't gotten it looking that good yet. & thanks for mentioning me :D

  4. Your bun looks darling! And I do love me some Forever 21. Their gigantic flagship store (Cerritos) is near my house and it's incredible--2 levels with every dept imaginable: men's, babies, maternity, kids, plus size, etc. You name it and they've got it! The dresses you picked up will be so fun for spring/summer. Embrace the bold, I say! :)

  5. you are so brave! I went in and walked right out..I felt so overwhelemed. I heard it's the biggest location in Canada. I loved all the floral prints! Seeing you finds makes me jelous. I am heading back asap.


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