24 July 2011

Youth is Bliss

Happy weekend to you all! I hope you had a memorable one. I had one of the best days I've had in a long time on Saturday, when three girlfriends and their kids came out to visit Gus and I in Gimli for the day. We had hummed and hawed over the not-so-great forecast but decided to make the best of it. It turned out to be a fantastic day, a little cooler and very breezy but still lovely. We bbq'd, hung out, took a trip to the beach and floated in the giant lake-turned-wave pool. The kids squealed at everything - from chasing Gus around to finding rocks to dipping their toes in the massive waves. It was truly joyful! 

Here's a few pics to share with you...

Doesn't seeing things through the eyes of a child make everything brighter?

How was your weekend friends?


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Glad you decided to go even with the mediocre weather. xo

  2. cute times


  3. It's a shore kind of a weekend, isn't it? Glad you had fun with friends. I'm having fun with family this weekend :)

  4. what beautiful pictures and GORGEOUS kids! looks like a perfect day.


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