27 July 2011

Style Peek: slouchy sweatshirt + embroidered skirt

So I was totally inspired by Linda over at Little Tin Soldier's pairing of a slouchy sweatshirt and chic skirt. Her blog is fab so you should check it out! She does the cutest illustrations to go with her outfit posts. But back to the sweatshirt...I love the idea of juxtapositions, mixing and matching the unexpected. Doing it in real life? A little harder. So this is my baby step. Plus hey - I'll take any excuse to go to work feeling like I'm half in my PJ's!

Slouchy blue sweatshirt - Forever 21/Faith 21
Embroidered skirt - Gap
Gold flats - Steve Madden

Necklace - local boutique Silver Lotus

I'm not sure if this totally worked - obviously nowhere near as flawlessly as Linda did it! What are your thoughts, hit or miss? I'd love to know what you think. I'm a work in progress...

Have a great night friends! I'm about to cook dinner (starving!), do some painting for a commission I'm working on (awesome!) and finish laundry (bo-ring!). How about you?


  1. I love the look. Comfy, casual and chic.

    Laundry day as well here.

  2. I like the proportions of the top in relation to the bottom which is emphasized with the contrasting colours. I would team the sweatshirt with a more structured skirt though. You have the legs for it...

    I admire your wardrobe. Seriously, if I tried to do style peeks I'd have 5 days worth of posts max! LOL

  3. You look so cute with your hair up! You should wear it like that more often :)

  4. I love that sweatshirt! You look comfy and cute! Well done!!!

  5. Love this look! Looks comfortable but cute=good combo!


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