19 July 2011

Style Peek: long stripes + short cuffs

Well I'm pretty much in love with this outfit. I picked up this super wide drapey striped top at Joe Fresh over the weekend for 16 bucks and it makes me soooo happy. It just hangs perfectly and the arms are tight so you don't feel like you're wearing a men's XXL. How brilliant is Joe Fresh??

So I paired this top with my cuffed denim shorts and I love how they just peek out from the shirt and keep my legs super cool (in this crazy hot hot heat!). But the real piece de resistance is this awesome aqua beaded necklace I found at the Goodwill?? I pop into the thrift stores often to look for furniture for Lather Creations and paperbacks for me to read...but something drew me to the jewellery area and I knew I had to have this gem! I feel kind of 'Palm Beach-y' in my stripes and aqua beads combo. I don't know why, I've never even been there...you know when you just feel like somewhere?

Aqua beaded necklace - Thrifted
Bronze sandals - Zellers

So of course I had to paint my toes bright turquoise to match! It's my wedding toe nail colour...but I couldn't resist giving it a test drive! By the way, I think working for Essie and naming their nail polishes just might be one of my dream jobs...

Do you thrift clothing items friends? How about jewellery? I'm a bit of a newbie to that side of the store but any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated!!

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  1. This is a great outfit. Your hair looks fantastic, and I WANT those sandals...NOW! ;)

  2. I love that shirt! Goodness, I love Joe.
    They will likely be gone by the time i get back to the city though. They turn over stock so quickly!

    My best thrift finds are from the men's department. My favorite: an old men's collared shirt made of soft light weight material in white and pale pale blue stripes. It drapes amazingly well. I wear it with a wide belt and with the sleeves rolled up. Super sexy and powerful with tights and embellished sandels or flats.

  3. Very fun outfit, and the beads are a perfect find! How fun that you painted your toe nails to match ;-) You could go very Hamptons and wear your new top with white shorts... just a thought!

  4. Love this look Lenore ;) Gorgeous.

  5. Jealous of the fabulous top. I never look at Joe stuff, other than their kids section. I might need to now :)

    And I SO HEAR YOU on the naming nail polish thing...

  6. Gotta' get me some shorts! I'm still stuck in capri/legging-ville.

  7. I love striped tops for the summer and was so bummed that my favorite one died earlier this month. But this has me thinking I can find a thrifted replacement. Love the way you paired the top with the blue necklace. - Katy

  8. This is absolutely adorable and I'm crazy about the necklace. I host a thrifting link up every Thursday, you should think about submiting this!

  9. Love this outfit! Necklace is fab too :)


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