05 July 2011

From the Kitchen: Spicy Chicken Taco Salad

Hey all, happy Tuesday to you! I'm back at work today and slooowly getting back into my routine. Of course the alarm didn't go off this morning (figures!) but the humidity has calmed down and we already have plans to return to Gimli this weekend - so lots of goodness!

With this summer heat, we've been making lots of nice cool salads that include some sort of protein. Once of my faves is taco salad but with ground beef, cheese and rich salsa ranch dressing - it can be a bit of a diet disaster. Here's my lightened up version!

You'll need:
-romaine lettuce
-chopped green onion
-cherry tomatoes
-1/2 an avocado, sliced
-shredded grilled or poached chicken (throw a chicken breast or two into a shallow pot of boiling water for 15 mins then shred with a fork - easy peasy.)
-handful of shredded lowfat cheese (I like the mozza-cheddar mix)
-scoop of salsa (this is where the spicy comes in or sometimes I add a few jalapenos)
-dollop of low fat sour cream
-handful of crushed tortilla chips

Um, I don't have any step by step instructions for you cause it's that easy. Layer and devour! It's great to take as lunch the next day as well - super easy to put together.

Have a most lovely day friends!!


  1. That looks so delish. I think I'm going to have to make it!

  2. This looks seriously scrumptious ;) Yummm.


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