13 July 2011

{Lake Love Week} Beach Beauty Musts

Hello all and happy Wednesday! It feels like the week is just flying by and to be honest - I'm really starting to feel the pinch of wedding to-do items as we head into the 6 week countdown. So I'm going to push it out of my head for this moment and put myself back into lake life mode! Thanks for all your support of {Lake Love Week} so far...if you're just tuning in, check out my Gimli Cottage Tour and my casual lake Style Peek.

Today we're talking about lake beauty. Some of you may ditch the routine altogether at the lake but I'm too vain for that (ha!) so I pare down my routine to some basics. Here's a list of what I pack and I what I leave at home.

Pack: A wide tooth comb, grooming creme and sun hats
Leave at home: the blowdryer
I can be a bit fanatical about my hair so the lake is the perfect opportunity to leave the blow dryer at home. It's like giving your hair a weekend off from everything - it gets to be it's true self. For me that's a touch wavy and very fine. I still don't love flyaways so I use a touch of grooming creme after I've combed out my hair so smooth it down. It's also my chance to experiment - so I'll often put it in side braids or wrap it up in a bun just to see how it dries! Don't laugh at me, I like to do that. Lake life forgives your bad hair days - that's what sun hats are for!!

Pack: sunscreen
Leave at home: perfume
The mosquitoes love the perfume - need I say more? No really, any trimming I can do on the routine is awesome but there's no sacrificing skin care. So after my shower I slather on the sunscreen (burns suck) and I'm good to go. Plus J is obsessed with the idea of wood smoke cologne for me (he wants to patent it!) so I keep my interfering scents to a minimum.

Pack: Lip and cheek tint, mascara, concealer, powder
Leave at home: Eyeliner
This is my absolute new favourite product. If you read this blog often, you know how much I love Benetint - a rosy lip and cheek stain by Benefit. I had been experimenting with cheaper options like Joe Fresh's cheek cream but the truth is - it just doesn't have the all-day staying power of a stain. I love to put on my stain and know it's going to last all day. So I've had my eye on the Posietint for a while - but was a little scared of the bright pink colour. Well it's so pretty! A lovely poppy pink that's perfect for summer and looks so good with just a touch of mascara and a fresh clean face.

See, just a hint of pretty pink colour!

Tell me friends - do you ditch the beauty routine on vacation and go au naturel? Or do you have vacation beauty must haves?

Hope you all have an amazing day!


  1. I usually bring mascara/chapstick/sunscreen on vacation....but that's all. My vacations usually consist of weekend trips to the beach. If I went on a more substantial vacay, I'd probably pack more...I'm too vain ;) P.S. that lip/cheek tint is gorgeous!

  2. I have such a limited beauty routine as it is- I brush my hair sometimes- teeth, everyday, sunscreen on face and I love my J'adore Dior so I do that every day too- that's it- To cut something out while on vacation would be difficult.

  3. just a lip salve and mascara for me.
    the less the better... especially with wee ones at the beach/lake.
    sunglasses are a must too! :)
    just hide those tired eyes! ha ha!
    and yup... the au naturel curly fro hair def comes out while camping too!
    it's up a lot of the time.
    just easier that way!
    love the benefit tint... do they have it at sephora?
    anywhere else they sell it besides polo?

  4. Totally...I usually just wear a sunscreen and a bit of lipstick during summer! And I love when the warm air dries my hair. Have a lovely day, sweetie

  5. Hey Stephanie! I bought mine at Shoppers Drug Mart - they carry a lot from the Benefit line AND you can use your Optimum points.


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  7. any time at the lake is with as little on as possible...including makeup. Sunscreen and lip balm is it for me! I might add concealer & mascara to that regime if our cabin wasn't as secluded though.

  8. My beauty routine is already soooo simple, the only way to make it easier is doing nothing! Hmmm...not a bad idea?!


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