08 July 2011

Style Peek: Friday Stripes

Happy Friday friends! Last night I did a little retail therapy and picked up what just may be my new fave summer piece. I'm in love with the light and airy feel of this little dress from Forever 21. I know the pleated pants didn't go over very well but it's obvious from pics that I look better with a little defined waist. This does just the trick and I adore the striped palette of inky blue, raspberry, stone taupe, coral and cream. It feels like it could go with everything!

As most summer dresses are not too kind to tall girls (I'm 5'11"), there is a need to protect the under dress...so I made this into a skort but putting a pair of short shorts underneath! Remember the skort ladies?? Kind of a fashion no no, but I'm thinking of reviving it. But with a skirt all around, not just in the front. Who needs saggy shorts bum? We had a big discussion about it today at work but found a few flaws in the idea - hello bathroom? So needless to say, I'll just stick with a pair of shorts to cover my bits.

Navy Flip Flops - Joe Fresh
Necklace - Local Boutique Silver Lotus

I stocked up on new mags and we're headed out to Gimli for the weekend for some R&R, how about you friends?

What's your take on the skort? Yay or nay?


  1. I love this dress!

    I might have to go pick one up for myself :)


  2. Very cute! I love dresses paired with flip flops - it's perfect for a relaxing summer day, or even a night out. Have a great weekend!

  3. ADORABLE. And re: the skort...I'm still a little hesitant to accept it quite yet (but sometimes add shorts underneath shorter skirts/dresses, too...) Have a GREAT weekend, Lenore! :)

  4. What an adorable outfit! You look so cute.


  5. Cute outfit. Dresses are a Manitoba summer must ;)
    See you Tuesday!

  6. Eeee! Adorable! I haven't been to Forever21 yet, but clearly I must go!

    I don't care for skorts, but I certainly understand the need for a little extra coverage under summer dresses!


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