25 July 2011

Style Peek: embroidered skirt + floral top

Flash sale. Have you ever heard a more glorious phrase? This is what I overheard while browsing in the Gap on Friday. Don't ask me how I ended up there...sometimes you are just drawn in...like somehow your spirit knows that the skirt you've been coveting will be 40% off the already reduced sale price due to a 3-hour only FLASH SALE! Okay, I know I'm not supposed to be shopping, because my mom has started monitoring my spending habits over my blog. But I can't lie to you all and I really wanted to show it off!

So my love affair with the belted skirt continues, and this time I really wanted to try mixing tonal prints. Since this is now the only printed bottom I own (except dresses) I gave it a shot! I mixed it with this pretty pink floral top that my sister made for me - yes made - how talented is she?? I gave her an old H&M top I love that is dying and she's been recreating it for me in my fabrics of choice! Yes, I'm a very lucky girl. Plus I had a very cool social media conference today so I felt like dressing up a little girly!

Floral top - made by my sister!
Brown woven belt - Old Navy
Brown flats - Aldo
Earrings - Aerie

Hope you all had a fab Monday friends! Have you experienced the flash sale phenomenon? Did it suck you in too??

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  1. great outfit I can't believe your sister made that top- gorgeous.

  2. This outfit is so cute, I adore your top :)

  3. That skirt was definitely worth breaking your "i'm-not-supposed-to-shop", especially since you got such a good deal!

  4. Way to rock the trend of lace and flowers - the combination of the two looks very interesting. The GAP skirt was a good buy - get her to think of cost per wear rather than the lump sum.

  5. This is a great outfit! found your blog via weardrobe. super random but you went to school with my brother Ryan + I know your sister - who looks like a fabulous seamstress btw, pls say hi. I pinned your before &after tray makeover on pinterest
    - great blog I can always remember admiring the style you had even if it translated as poster covered walls

    congrats on your upcoming wedding :)
    Tanys Mosher(MacGillivray)

  6. that is a fabulous skirt! well snagged!

  7. Oh my gosh, I would have never guessed that someone made this top! Your sister has talent!

    Also, love the belted skirt look. This is something that I have been meaning to try, specifically with a maxi skirt, but I haven't found the right pieces to pair together yet. Thanks for reminding me of this :)

  8. i might need to head over to gap to buy this skirt! you look amazing in it!

  9. I absolutely love both of these pieces so much. That skirt is sooo pretty.


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