12 July 2011

{Lake Love Week} Casual Stripes Style Peek

Hello! Thank you so much for coming along on my Gimli cottage tour and leaving such sweet comments.  If you haven't taken a look yet, you can do so here!

Believe me, I know how blessed I am to have it and as such - I work very hard to fill it with things and people and activities that give me joy. But I've always been like that, even when I was renting a 350 square foot apartment in Calgary on my own or renting a room in a tiny flat in London with 3 other guys and a bar-size fridge (no joke). I surround myself with books and mementos and found objects that I've lovingly hunted for.  I hope you find ways to fill your life with joyful thing?

Another thing that gives me joy is easy dressing at the lake. Like 'one piece of clothing easy dressing'! This striped cotton tank dress gets packed into my bag every time we load up for the cottage. It's perfect for me because it's cool, comfy, it defines my high waist (elastic though for comfort), it covers my bra straps (busty girl must!) and it's cute.  Speaking of busty, let's be honest here - I know I am. And there are probably fashion 'rules' about not wearing big stripes across an area you want to minimize. But the rule about {Lake Love} is that there are no rules - it is IMPERATIVE that you feel amazingly comfortable.  Remember that friends.

Back to the subject at hand - I can wear this dress it into town to run errands with a beachy tote (above) or while I'm painting trim around the cottage (below). If I put my bathing suit on underneath it's a cover-up, if I throw on a pretty cardi or flowy scarf in the evening -  it's a little fancier for ice cream and a walk on the beach. The possibilities are endless!

When I'm shopping for clothes, I look for little details that make it special, like the fact that it's navy and not black stripes, plus the pretty little ruffle along the neckline. I picked this dress up last year at Old Navy for less than 20 bucks. They are my go-to place for comfy, cheap cotton lake gear. If you're ever thinking - I really need an easy summer dress and don't want to spend a forture - head over to Old Navy! Plus they're so cheap that if they only last one summer, it's all good!

Striped tank dress - Old Navy
Navy flip flops - Joe Fresh

What do you throw on to stay cool and easy? Where do you find your perfect summer lounging dresses?

Thanks for all your positive feedback about {Lake Love Week}, tomorrow I'll be chatting about my fave beauty products to bring to the lake - and those to leave at home!

Have a most lovely day friends!


  1. This is a great summer dress! I love the stripes - they're perfect for the lake :)
    I like to wear simple dresses in the summer too when it's just too hot to wear anything else. I find the Gap, Joe Fresh, and H&M to be good places for simple and inexpensive summer dresses.

  2. Love this dress. And the pics w/the paint can. Adorable. This season, I found my fave summer dress at Target....it's a long, flowing, flowery dress :)

  3. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
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  4. Can I PLEASE come to your cottage?


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