07 July 2011

Style Peek: Pleats and Poufs

Hey friends! If you follow me on Twitter - than you might already know about the 'pleats and poufs' discussion. In fashion, we're definitely seeing a resurgence of pleated pants and shorts, harem pants and many other 80's inspired styles. As someone who has already owned a closet full of harem pants (thanks mom and MC Hammer!), this return of the dreaded era is a tough pill to swallow. Chalk it up to my age, I'm young enough to still want to rock the trends but old enough to not always be able to :) And there's the dreaded...ahem...crotch pouf to think about. Yes I said it.

There's just something about some of the pleated looks that are tugging at my style heart.

But oh the dilemma! How to rock the pleats without looking a little too frumpy? this is how I chose to style my new cropped pleated trousers from American Eagle Outfitters yesterday...looking at the photos I'm thinking the look is 'not quite there yet'...

White blouse - H&M
Brown leather belt - Gap
Silver knotted flats - Franco Sarta (via Tallcrest Shoes)

Maybe my shirt is too boxy? Maybe the pants are a tiny bit too big? Help me friends, how can I make this work a little better? I'm open to your suggestions. 

But I don't know about a belted top because the joy of these pants is how they feel in +30!

By the way - don't you think that coffee/khaki is the perfect neutral? I love how it mixes with everything from bright turquoise (here) to juicy coral to sunshine yellow.

So what's your verdict on the pleats trend? Have a lovely day friends!


  1. um...is that a new purse i spy!?

  2. Maybe a more fitted top... possibly tucked in???

  3. I love, love, LOVE that top!! In fact, I am digging everything in that outfit other than the trousers. Super adorable bag, love the colour.
    I don't care for the pleated trouser trend. They don't seem to be particularly flattering on anyone, so I feel like those trousers are just a poor fit on you; a slimmer cut would be lovely.
    Maybe try a more fitted shirt with those trousers?
    Since I've been back in Manitoba I have been living in skirts, dresses and shorts. The very thought of wearing a pair of jeans makes me uncomfortably warm. I love my khaki linen cropped cargoes though. :)

  4. Haha...I'm also at the age where I can't believe pleated pants are in again! I just caved a bought myself a pair of cropped pants with a slight and very subtle pleating. That was how I justified the purchase - that and the fact they were on sale! You look great Lenore...wear those pants with pride!!

    ps. Hope we meet Tuesday as per discussion!!!


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