28 July 2011

Style Peek: linen tank + cuffed denim shorts

Hey everyone! I'm super excited today...my new blog design is going live very shortly! I've been working with a very cool freelance designer out of Finland (that alone sounds cool) and she's been working with my existing design but simplifying it and enhancing some elements. I can't wait! 

Plus there's a long weekend starting tomorrow. Woo hoo! J and Gus and I are off to his cabin in Killarney for some quiet time and I can't wait. Wedding crunch is ON and I've been having a few stress meltdowns about it. I know everything will be fine but when I get super busy I get overwhelmed...then come the tears....but no tears allowed for such a fun time so I'm bucking up. There. Pep talk to self.

Here's what I wore today. It's like an outfit representation of my personality. It has my fave colours (turquoise, white and navy), my fave textures (linen, soft cotton and denim) and my fave pattern (floral!). Love. What outfit would be a representation of your personality?

Aqua cardigan - Gap
White linen ruffled tank - Old Navy
Cuffed denim shorts - Gap
Floral belt - Nevada at Sears
Navy flip flops - Joe Fresh
Necklace - Gift!
Toenail Polish - Turquoise & Caicos by Essie

Have a great evening friends! See you soon with a whole new look!


  1. superb! this is definitely one of my favs.

    Are you able to share online contact info for your designer? I'd love to work with someone but would like to gather recommendations first.

  2. Love this look! love love love.

    I'm not sure what outfit would represent my personality...I will have to think about it.

    Okay, thinking done - a splash of colour is a must for me!

  3. Really cute. I would wear this in a heartbeat!

  4. That cardigan looks so comfortable! I love the look you put together! It's stunning!

  5. these denim shorts look perfect. i never found any this season that weren't too short or too skanky looking.


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