26 July 2011

Before and After: Vintage Photobooth Sign

Well hello! I almost forgot to share with you this sign makeover (okay, we should call it a MAKEUNDER) that I did for local photographer Erin. She had already hired Lather Creations to remake a bench a while back and was looking for a sign to use at weddings for her photobooth so guests would know what it was. This was my kind of challenge!

I had originally planned to use a vintage frame and build a piece inside for the sign but after some trial and error, I decided to repaint an existing sign with all the hanging hardware and structure in place. I went a thrifting and you won't believe what I dug out of the pile...I looked pretty silly buying it in the middle of July. Never mind buying it at all!

Pretty special eh? Hopefully someone got some good holiday cheer from this snazzy decoration. I was ready to take it in a WHOLE new direction!  After some serious priming (don't skip this step kids) to cover up the past discretions...I painted the entire sign a pale linen cream, then used a brownish-grey to fill in the hand-drawn lettering. I don't care to use black, it's just too stark. Some vintage photo tabs on the edges frames the sign.

How's that for Extreme Makeover: Sign Edition??

Another great thrifted item saved from the landfill and made to be beautiful again! Have a lovely evening friends!


  1. oh that is so darn cute! it came out so well, lenore!

  2. that's cute! i love the touch of adding the photo corners!

  3. It's a beaut! The simple is always best.

  4. I'm glad it worked out with the xmas sign!

  5. Looks good! I like the photo-corners :-)

  6. LOVE IT!!!!!!! thank you again so very much! love the added touch to the photobooths!

  7. A vintage photo booth is an experience your guests and visitors will never forget! Brilliant fun, belly aching laughs and nostalgia all in one.



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