21 July 2011

Style Peek: chambray skirt + eyelet top

It's a hugely momentous day in my style journey friends....it's the first time since - oh I don't know - I was 8 years old since I wore a shirt tucked in. I'm seriously not joking. It has always been something I stay away from!

Truth is, my mid-section is the part of my body I battle with the most and so it was never something I wanted focused on visible. So I hid it. But the more I read style blogs and experiment with my own style - the more I can see that I've really been missing out on some beautiful looks. And I'm feeling like it kind of doesn't look half-bad...I feel oddly feminine in this. I know I'll never have Joan's cinched in waist on Mad Men but I like the baby steps I'm taking into accepting my curves and ever accentuating them a little bit. So this is that Old Navy sale score I told you about - it's easier to experiment when it's cheap :) Yay for self love!

Cream eyelet top - Winners
Chambray pleated skirt - Old Navy
Brown braided belt - Old Navy
Brown flats - Aldo

Tell me friends, what style do you shy away from out of fear? Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone and found something wonderful?

I hope your day is lovely!

ps: Thanks Michelle for your camera tips - they've helped a ton already!!


  1. those earrings are AWESOME!!!!!

  2. That is such an adorable outfit, you look amazing! It is incredibly feminine, casual, and comfy while still being a little preppy. I love the pop of colour that the earings provide.
    Love it!


  3. I love this outfit and especially the yellow earrings!!!

  4. Ab-solutely! Self-acceptance is the best, and you look great!

  5. White eyelet tops are a definite must for me. They dress up what could be a rather plain, typical white shirt. The eyelet details totally add some shaZAM to the outfit. You look great!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. You looked very cute in that yesterday!

  7. Me too! I have a similar skirt that's been in my closet for two years, and I FINALLY wore it this summer - with a shirt tucked in. It was seriously scary, but I'm making good progress in learning to love myself EXACTLY AS I AM. It's a work in progress.

    You look adorable, as always :)


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