18 July 2011

Sweet Style Steal: Mustard Checked Shirt

Okay I maybe lied to you, but just a smidge...I also did a wee bit of shopping on the weekend. Admitting it is the first step, right??

So I'm kind of giddy because the first glimpses of fall are making an appearance in the shops. I'm seeing spices, lots and lots of spices. I'm talking saffron, paprika, mustard, oregano and cumin. I've always loved colour with a neutral undertone so count me as a fan! I had been eyeballing this top from J.Crew for part of the summer but budget-wise it was not meant to me.

Burberry blouse

So imagine my delight when I walked into Old Navy on the weekend and found this on sale for $22! Plus I did that crazy spin to win and got buy one get one 50% off.  So I also picked up a super cute skirt I'll show you later this week.

And a quick pop-in to the Goodwill scored me the most fabulous aqua beaded necklace that I've paired with a new T from Joe Fresh...that's to come tomorrow!

Did you score any good fashion finds on the weekend friends?


  1. i have a similar shirt from ON in a pale yellow and love it!
    i found a fab skirt this weekend at kohl's that is white and kinda lacy and feminine.... and it was on clearance from 40 to 15 and my mom had a 30 percent off pass, so i got it for 11!!! woo hoo!

  2. Awesome- I love gingham and I love yellow.

  3. I got me a maxi sundress from Ricki's - originally $69.50 for $13.49 between clearance and sale and coupon...! Best deal this summer!

  4. I sooooo need to go shopping! Love the yellow gingham-like top. It'll look terrific with a pair of jeans and fun flats :-)

  5. Looks lovely :)


  6. I LOVE yellow!! I got a similar one from Old Navy, too -- also lighter yellow -- so maybe from the summer collection? Anyway, whatever the care instructions are, follow them. I put mine in the dryer without thinking and now it really doesn't fit properly :( Wah wahhhh.

  7. Good score Julie! And thanks for the tip Emma...I'm always pushing the limits with the washing instructions and I have a few ruined items to show for it. I'll take your warning!


  8. Adorable! Ugh...I have SUCH mixed feelings about Autumn. I am def not ready for summer to be over, but I do so love the clothing and the thought of fall colors :)

  9. No fashion finds for me, so I think I'll just live vicariously through you!!!


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