20 July 2011

Style Peek: bold dress + demure cardigan

Hey friends! It's Wednesday and our out-of-control heat continues - although we did see some rain today which brought a half a second of relief. It's funny because the more I take pictures for my blog, the more and more picky I become about the lighting. Sorry for the bad lighting today but I took this last Friday and lighting was not in abundance. And I'm too chicken to take too many pics outside cause of the neighbors. Amateur.

You've seen this dress a few times and I'm really loving the bold print, even though it's not usually my style. I could wear any colour in the rainbow and it would match. I tried to tone it down a bit this time with a pale blue-green one and black leather accessories (thin belt and flats). I'm really catching on to this belt thing - thanks Stacy London! Truthfully, the cardigan doesn't last long in this weather, it's more for the emergency A/C overload days at the office.

Multi-coloured dress - Forever 21/Faith 21
Blue green cardigan - Gap
Belt - Old Navy
Black flats - Aldo

This week J and I are getting into crunch time with wedding to-do items as we come into 5 weeks to go! We're finalizing our music playlist, painting signs, helping mom find a mother-of-the-bride dress that's still sexy (tough!) and starting seating arrangements.

I received a new commission yesterday for Lather Creations, a lovely antique wooden desk. I'll share the afters when I'm done!

And I have four Lather Creations in stock right now so watch for SALE coming up on the blog. I'd like to move the old inventory out and make room for new stuff as I plan on diving back into the business after the wedding!

What are you up to this week friends?


  1. What a cute dress!! I'm dying to start some personal style posts, but I'm terrified at the same time. && my closest neighbors are over a mile away, so I'm not sure what my excuse is ;) I guess I'm waiting for a new camera...

  2. Love this dress! That Forever 21 has some gems hidden...

    You can play with your ISO and AWB (auto white balance) to create a more natural lighting for your pictures. And of course Light Room/Photoshop are also good. =)

    I'm totally keeping an eye on that light blue table with the lyrics on it....

  3. The pattern on this dress is so great! Perfect for a heat wave :) How exciting that it's almost wedding time!

  4. I love the skinny belt movement also. Looks great with that dress.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the antique desk when you're done!

  6. That dress is terrific! Looks great on you!


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