12 February 2011

Swatches of weekend, fabric and shoes

Happy weekend friends! I hope you're enjoying your free days. I'm working on two new pieces for Lather Creations that I can't wait to show you! After the rush of Christmas, I only have one piece left in my inventory - the Dotty Aqua Bedside Table, so it really is time to replenish.

The florist I met was wonderful and she really seemed to understand my vision for the wedding. All the fabric arrive this week from Etsy and I have to tell you - they are even more perfect in person. I can really feel it all coming together!

My shoes also arrived from Dessy and I love both the Oyster and the Teal! J prefers the Oyster but I'm loving the vividness of the blue. It might be too much though with my aqua cardigan. What do you ladies think...cream or bright teal on my tootsies for the wedding? 

You must help me decide or should I just give up and swap them out at various points in the evening? Have a wedding shoe wardrobe change perhaps? Talk about a princess!

Have a fantastic day and talk to you soon!


  1. LOVE your fabric choices! The shoes look so comfy! Have a wonderful day! Angie xo

  2. My vote is for the TEAL for sure! or maybe... wear the Oyster for the ceremony and change into the Teal for the reception. :)

  3. my vote is also for the teal shoes! i think they will be a lot of fun and i like the splash of color htey will give.

  4. The teal might be fun! I like those ballet flats you chose. You could just decide the morning of your wedding and see what you feel like that day. Either way will be beautiful!

  5. Love the fabrics and go with the teal shoes!

  6. You are going to be well off either way! I went with heels for my big day although I never ever wear heels normally. What a mistake! Comfort is definitely better.


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