05 February 2011

It's 10:07 on Saturday Night

After a flurry of activity the last few weeks, I'm taking a much needed breather for the weekend. No wedding stuff, no big obligations, no major cleaning, no working on my course - just lots of pure relaxation.

So far I've:

-treated J to burgers and cheesecake at Baked Expectations for Friday date night
-slept in
-enjoyed a long brunch full of garlic-y ceasar salad and awesome talks with my pregnant (yay!) friend S at Stella's
-picked up Starbucks and taken Gus to the dog park for playtime
-cooked old-school perogies and garlic sausage for dinner (a gluttonous treat!)
-painted some new furniture pieces exactly the colours I want!
-laid in bed like a lazy log watching Project Runway
-read chapters and chapters of the new James Patterson thriller

And that's just so far!! Talk about awesome.

What are you up to this weekend friends? Keeping busy or recharging?


  1. I'm having a four day weekend. Trying to relax but mostly running around trying to get things done as usual. :) Your weekend sounds lovely, keep it up!

  2. aw, so glad the weekend is fabulous!

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend so far! I love perogi and I make them often. Arent they the best? Happy Sunday sunshine:) Muah

  4. your lazy Saturday sounds not-so-lazy but perfect anyway!


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