25 February 2011

'Something Old' with Love

Well hello Miss Friday - it's soooo great to see you! Can you tell I'm pumped it's almost the weekend? I'm pretty transparent....I have big plans to do my fave thing (sleeping in!), mixed in with lots of reading (the new Jodi Picoult), getting organized for tax time (ugh!) and playing around in Photoshop. I've just discovered actions and I'm totally smitten! You can see my practice right here in this blog with the vintage feel I've given the photos.

It's been such a busy week that the wedding has been on the back burner. But I did want to share this personal detail with you. As you know, I'm getting my dress made by a local seamstress and I was crushed to learn I couldn't really afford a lace dress. But I did manage to find the deal of the century - gorgeous champagne 100% peau de soie regularly priced at $99 a metre and marked down to a mere $5 a metre (because the fabric store was closing). If you're new to the blog, you can check out my dresscapades here. Now ever since I've been really struggling with the idea of a silk dress, as I really am a girly girl in love with embellishment details. If I can find a cardigan with a grosgrain trim? Sold! Cute buttons or a floral lining - I'll take it!

So I was wondering how I could make this dress extra special.....it feels so plain in my head.

Well say 'hello gorgeous' to my mom's wedding dress, circa 1976!

Isn't she dreamy? It's so whimsical and pretty and with a few tweaks, it could be very fashionable today. Unfortunately - I fit this dress when I was 10 years old. Yes, you read that right! My mom is a petite gal and back in ye old 70's, she was a true twiggy! It's been in my sister and I's 'dress up box' since we were little but knowing it's importance, we always treated it with velvet gloves. So it's in remarkable condition. (Plus a fun note for the locals - she bought it at Helene's Bridal Studio!)

But what I'm really after is the pretty embroidered lace flower detail. Here's a close up shot. It's absolutely exactly what I want! My dress will have a 2-inch band across the high waist and I plan to have the seamstress create flower clusters on one side of the band with the pieces from the dress. We might even sew scattered random flowers across the skirt and bottom hem.

This was my big plan and then my sister pulled out a bag of lace and fabric remnants my grandmother and her mother's wedding dresses (my grandmother passed them on when my sister got married a couple of years ago). She didn't end up using them except tucked inside her bouquet, but I plan to incorporate them the flower clusters on my waistband, creating a raw edge, layered look to the fabric blooms.

I am so so excited about my dress now, because it will have such a personal element that totally suits my personality and my style! Four generations of my family will be sewn into that dress. Can you believe it? I tear up a little just thinking about it...I know I'm going to be a total waterworks on the big day.

Now the real hard part...waiting until the wedding to get to wear the finished dress and having to wait to share pics with you all!!

Did you have a chance to incorporate 'something old' into your wedding day? I'd love to hear about it!

Have an amazing Friday and a fabulous weekend my friends!


  1. Hi there! Visiting from The Girl Creative's new blog hop. Your mom's wedding dress is gorgeous!! I love that you want to add lace details to your own dress. It will be stunning!

  2. I think that is so cool that you want to incorporate elements passed down on to your dress. That's so special! It's wonderful to even continue the tradition with your own daughter if you have one!

  3. wow, I love that dress...I could totally see you wearing that lenore. I look forward to reading your blogs down under! xoxo C

  4. so cute- I love that you will incorporate elements.

  5. that is so special! i love items like that than can be shared for generations. i can't wait to see your finished dress.
    and jodi picoult is one of my favorite authors!! love her! have you read kristin hannah? you might like her, too.

  6. I love the special element you're adding to your dress! I took the little flowers off my mom's headpiece and attached them to my veil. Can't wait to see your dress, it's torture waiting, huh?

  7. Wow, this is so exciting Lenore! I love the idea of using lace bits from your mom's and grandma's wedding gowns - such a nice homage to family and heritage.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Look at these cute mustard cardigans . . .


  9. So excited to see this! Such an amazing idea Lenore!

  10. ooh, can't wait to see how it turns out! My something old came unexpectedly - on my wedding day (just moments before walking down the isle), we suddenly realized that I didn't have my "something blue". I had an old baby doll that I believe belonged to my Grandma, and she was wearing a white dress with blue ribbon. We cut some ribbon off and and pinned it inside my dress. Definitely something old and blue!

  11. Love the dress!


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