14 February 2011

Things I heart...

In honour of the big V-day, here's a short but sweet list of things I heart! (hint...you're on it!)

My sweet fiance J of course...for those who missed it, here's our love story that I entered in a local contest. We didn't win anything but of course, I have my guy so I am a winner! Schmoopy I know, but I spent many Valentine's alone gals, so I'm going to revel in it! 

It took a long time to get back here…Our love story started in the hallways of high school, circa the Nirvana grunge era. One bad boy, one goodie-two shoes girl, one locker filled with love notes. First love is sweet but youth have a way of messing things up. He moved away, I wanted to travel the world. After crossing the globe from Ottawa, Churchill, England and Calgary - I found myself in Winnipeg after 12 long years. Older and a little wiser, we found each other again. The music’s not as good now, but our thirties have made us smarter. We recognize a good thing when it pierces your heart and gives you a second chance at love. After requesting my father’s permission (I’m still his little girl!), he proposed on Christmas eve with our pup Gus as the witness. Love is sweet.

 All of you and blogland...Valentine's is all about love and I love love all of you! I love searching myself for creativity every day. I love posting and sharing and (hopefully!) inspire. Most of all, I love hearing from you, talking to you and just knowing you're there. 

My dog Gus...just cause I love him so much!


Happy Valentine's to you all! Any special plans lovers?


  1. Gus is so cute and sweet- I love your love story-

  2. Love is great! ;)Love, Love, Love!!!Alyssa of Boston Bee

  3. What a sweet story, Lenore! And, Gus is adorable. Happy Valentine's Day to you! My husband and I celebrated yesterday as he had to be out of town today. I hope you have a wonderful day with your sweetie.

  4. Awww! Gus is precious. And what an adorable love story; I SO miss those love letters stuffed in lockers. Thanks for sharing your sweet love story!!


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