23 February 2011

Thursday Blog Share: Pugly Pixel

Happy Thursday friends (a wee bit early of course)! Lately I've been sharing how I'm learning Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, thanks to lunchtime tutorials from my lovely Fusion designer friends and Adobe Creative Suite for Dummies. I started down this road in order to do my own wedding invitations, but it's been a happy, creative injection to my blog to be able to do some of my own graphics!

So today I'm sharing some of those graphics with you and steering you towards a blog that's helped me tremendously. It's called Pugly Pixel and blogger Katrina shares her love of photography, culturama and all kinds of ultra-cool digital downloads like clip art, Photoshop brushes and textures. She offers many of these free, and you can also sign up for a premium membership to take advantage of even more great digital downloads.

Here are the banners I've designed to highlight my regular blog features, thanks to a little help from Miss Pugly Pixel!

My 'Before and After' banner shows off my furniture redo's. You can find downloads of the scallop and starburst medallions here.

'From the Kitchen' is my random collection of recipes and you can find the paper buffet clip art here.

For 'PIY Pointers', I post tips and tricks about painting your own furniture. Download the collection of tape strips here.

'Etsy Love' is my virtual shopping cart of pretty things I'm coveting. You can get the tres cool colored shipping tags clip art here.

Isn't it amazing to have this vast online world full of fab people sharing awesome stuff? Once again I'm reminded how much I adore blogland!! Hope these resources can help you my friends and big hugs to Pugly Pixel!

Keep smiling and may your day be filled with good things...


  1. How great that you are learning all of this! My husband is a graphics designer and he whips up all of my knack goodness for me....but there are sometimes that I try to get him to teach me things....hmmmm...I need to stick to painting furniture ! hah!

    How great for you that you can do it all girl!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I've always wanted to learn more about graphic design, but feel that as soon as I try I'm way in over my head. Thanks for making it feel more approachable.


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