26 February 2011

Delightful DIY: Pretty Fabric Bulletin Board

Amazing things always seem to happen when I hit my absolute fave place - the thrift store! Well remember how I said I needed to spruce up my new white walls at work? After stumbling across a selection of used bulletin boards, I decided to mix function with fashion and customize my own! I love love fabric hunting so it was a great way to add some pretty textiles into the mix.

It was super easy and it cost me only $5.25 for the whole project...yup, it was that cheap! Stay with me to find out how...

You'll need:
-an old bulletin board
-approximately a metre of fabric
-heavy duty stapler

I picked up this old bulletin board while thrifting recently for a mere $2.25. It was plain and boring and the cork was a bit knicked up but that doesn't matter because we're covering it up.

Then the fun part - fabric shopping! I headed straight to the bargain walls at the back of the fabric store and found this adorable aqua crafting cotton with navy line-drawn flowers. It was the perfect colour to match the pops of aqua around our new office. Plus it was marked down to $3 a metre and I only needed one metre to cover the board, with plenty to spare.

The bulletin board I bought had hanging clips so I simply unscrewed them and put them aside to re-attach after I applied the fabric.

Then I cut the fabric to fit the board, leaving a couple of inches around each edge to fold over and staple.

 Using the stapler, I worked my way around the board, starting with one staple in the centre of each side for placement and then working my way around, tightening the fabric as I went.

Then I re-screwed the hangers back in to finish it off.

Wowza! That only took about 10 minutes and now I have a unique and pretty bulletin board to cheer up my workspace!

$2.25 used bulletin board + $3.00 fabric = $5.25 total! That was so easy, I may have to make some fun boards for my home office now (any excuse to go back to the fabric store...).

Hope you're having a lovely weekend friends!


  1. Love it! I did one for my daughter's room, but I broke down and bought the board. already a follower.. laura@imnotatrophywife.com

  2. Love it! I will be embarking on an office makeover soon and this is the perfect project - easy, inexpensive, and brings a great pop of colour to the room!

  3. Love this! It looks awesome!

  4. Pretty!

    I did almost the exact same thing for a Christmas gift a couple years ago, but i actually pulled the frame off the cork, covered it with the fabric and then put the frame back on it. It was still really easy and it worked out great.


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