02 February 2011

Rock Out

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Here's a little known fact about me....I've been a huge music geek my whole life. Less so now, with so much going on it's hard to keep up with the music scene.

But I grew up listening to my dad's Beatles records in the basement. I drank my first swig of Schnapps to the distorted sounds of Nirvana. I worked on-air at my local radio station at 16, the local record store at 17 and in the London head office of Tower Records at 20. I suscribed to Spin, Rolling Stone and NME. I loved Chuck Klosterman. That's when I started interviewing bands and doing live gig reviews. In Calgary, I wrote for years for the music section of the local alternative arts weekly FFWD.

I've been rocking out at concerts since I saw INXS at 13. Since then I've seen everyone from Paul McCartney and Wings to the Rolling Stones. From Pearl Jam to Coldplay. From Fleetwood Mac to the Prodigy. From Blur to Mariah Carey (hey! I'm human!). From The Cult to Muse. From The White Stripes to Mathew Good. (any ideas on what to do with all those ticket stubs I've been saving?)

I even have a tiny music note tattooed on my back. It's my first love. My true love.

Nowadays, it's just me and my ipod with my fave tunes. I don't keep up with seeking out new artists nearly as much as I'd like. But I'll always always love and appreciate music.

Which brings me to the whole point of this post!

One of my all-time fave bands The Pixies is coming to town and I sat at the computer pressing refresh, refresh, refresh until BINGO - I scored my tickets! Yay. That makes me happy.

What music makes you happy?


  1. i am also a very musical person- i have very all over the place ecelctic tastes. just ask my spin classes! one day it will be 80's hits, the next top 40, the next some country... i like it all, as long as i believe the artist is talented and uses their talent to the best of their ability. i am a huge taylor swift fan- especially the new album which is more gorwn up and heartfelt. one of my all time fave songs though, joni mitchell's case of you. and kate bush, this woman's work. both hit me every time right in the heart.

  2. Pretty much music in general makes me happy. I grew up with all types of music played all the time. That's how I am now. I need music for everything, except movies and TV but then I almost always notice the music that's playing. Glad to see someone as versatile as me.

  3. I love this! I like to think of you more as a music affectionado as opposed to geek haha! And hey there is nothing wrong with Mariah Carey lol! She has an amazing voice despite being one of the flightiest pop stars. I stand by this! Nothing beats Saturday mornings with good music playing, coffee, and the newspaper

  4. I am not so much of a music buff. But I love me some motown and nothing makes me happier than hearing some marvin gaye or some al green.

  5. music geek here too! i'm in LOVE with william fitzsimmons. we 'discovered' him on a grey's anatomy episode and have been obsessed since. but i do have a very eclectic taste in music.

    yay for scoring pixies tickets!

  6. nothing makes me grin more than a great scream! Think Ian Astbury...or Sheryl Crow in "Love is a good thing"!

    I think it's awesome that we live in a city with so much homegrown musical talent. I don't keep up like I used to but I still have some favourites...like my brother's band (Moses Mayes), Chic Gamine and Greg MacPherson.

  7. Got my Pixies tix in the mail today! Super stoked!!! :)


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