28 February 2011

More Thrifty-ness...

While out and about treasure hunting on the weekend, I found some other fun finds along with my bulletin board.  Here's a little peek!

I stumbled across this super sturdy ladderback farm chair (hint: I've already started working on this and it's gonna be good!!).

An adorable little side table (wouldn't this be lovely in the baby's room?)...

This lovely padded bench...

This amazing HUGE mirror that I'm going to transform into a sign at our wedding!

This other vintage carved picture frame that I plan to use for the wedding as well.

And these pretty upholstery fabrics on sale for a mere $3 a metre!

Tell me friends, have you scored any amazing deals recently?


  1. I got a great new shelving unit (floor to ceiling) for free! I've managed to get books and items from one and a half bookshelves we were previously using onto it, and it's not even crowded yet!

    I also got an old wooden pantry for $75 (and my brother's kindness in delivering it). It's going out in my garage for storage...

  2. Those are wonderful finds Lenore!

  3. Totally scored the same great fabric at fabricland this weekend! Working on a chair, I'll let you know how it turns out. I am excited to see that bench, I think I may have an obsession.

  4. Such great finds- I can't wait to see what color you are going to make the chair and what your mirror sign is going to say.

  5. Wonderful finds! The baby's room, Lenore?? Will you have a new little bundle soon?

  6. Wow, what great finds! I can't wait to see what you do with the mirror for your wedding :)


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