25 January 2011

Dancing Feet

Remember how I was coveting these little ballet flats over at J.Crew? Well I wasn't coveting the price plus my mom made an offhand remark that they seemed pretty basic (thanks mom for reminding me that it's a special day!). 

Soooo...I went back to the research drawing board and found these little gems for just $28 from The Dessy Group! I love the rich look of the satin fabric, the girly detailing with the ruching and most of all - the comfy flat style! Of course this means I splurged and ordered two pairs, one in a pale oyster shade and one in a peacock blue. The blue is a little darker than I wanted for my colour scheme but I just couldn't resist the idea of peacock satin shoes. We'll see what goes best with the final outfit!
{image via dessy}

I know buying shoes online is a bit of a crapshoot so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

How did you fancy up your feet on your wedding day? Did you splurge on something new or did you go for 'something old' with a pair of favourites?

Happy Tuesday friends, I hope your week is going well!


  1. Aaah! I'm going to buy some too!! Thanks for posting!

  2. These are so pretty and so the way to go for comfort. I wore heals during the day but my feet hurt so much by the end of the day. Luckily I had silver sparkle flip flops to change into after dinner.

  3. I love them- We have good old' DSW here and I think it is a haven for cute inexpensive shoes-

  4. Very cute! And have you checked Zappos? They offer free shipping, free returns and have a huge selection! It's really so easy. When my daughter got married she wanted cute little blue flats. At Zappos, we could order a whole bunch to try and simply return the ones that didn't work. And they have the fastest shipping I've even seen. I order almost all my shoes at Zappos!

  5. These shoes are adorable!

  6. that shade of blue is so pretty - what a great deal!

  7. oh my shoes...i was too cheap to buy a new pair of white shoes that i knew i would never wear again. (plus okay, i couldn't find one i really liked) i was actually set on wearing white flip flops until my mom put her foot down (kind of like yours, it sounds!) and told me there was no way i could do that. so my cousin lent me a pair of hers instead!

  8. I have a funny story about my shoes :) I had to buy three inch heels in order for my dress not to be too long! hah! There was so much beading around the bottom that the hemming would have been outrageous.......so what did I do?.....wore heels that killed my feet and promptly removed them after the ceremony! hah! Oh, to be able to do it all over again.....16 years ago is a long time!

    I think your beautiful shoes will not only be comfortable but also stylish and perfect at the same time!



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