04 January 2011

This and That

Hi! I'm missing you all but I'm finding it hard to keep up with the blog lately, so I'm popping in with a quick update.  This is what I'm painting this week...

A massive dresser for my friend M's little boy's room.

 And this treasure we rescued and discovered was solid maple for C and J's bedroom!

I've also been working on painting these personalized knobs for dresser #1 (hint - I'll be adding numbers and letters to each one!)...

Trying to figure out this new toy...

Diving into these...

Yes folks, I'm THAT bride. Totally jumping into research and planning. Would you believe we already have a date and a venue? September 2nd of this year, we'll be getting hitched at the Hitch 'N Post Ranch - an old family farm and ranch just outside the city! Yup, I'm a get-er-done kind of gal! Now for the fun part...all the little details! You know I'm a DIY bride so I'd love to hear any suggestions!

And dreaming of a honeymoon destination. This is a vintage Florida Keys print I got J for Christmas to remember our trip last year...

Any suggestions? J wants to lie on a beach and I'd love to explore a cool city, we have to find that happy medium!

Have a lovely night friends!


  1. looks like you are plenty busy!
    depending on your budget, you could hit the mediterranean- plenty of neat cities and beaches. not that i have ever been, but so i hear.
    charleston, sc is also a cool city, and kiawah or seabrook island would be beachy places to stay about 30 minutes from there. los angeles has tons to do as well, and of course beaches.

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  3. oh dear. I have ruined the comment section. I'm sorry. I wanted to comment as emmsgEM's (especially since I didn't put my signature on the jake + cleo comment)...but was logged in as j + c.

    So here it goes again...

    You have a full plate...a plate full of wonderfully awesome things! Enjoy...and congratulations :)

  4. whoa, you ARE busy! Can't wait to see those cute knobs!
    I would suggest Barcelona for the honeymoon. It's an amazing city right on the beach but I'm not sure how warm it is in September.

  5. What a happy busy time you're having! I cant wait to see your makeovers!

  6. All that stuff is important! Enjoy every minute!

  7. FUN. How big are you thinking? We went to Greece and then spent a couple of days in London on the way home - a perfect combination of both!

  8. Wow you are busy, but what a fun sort of busy!

    We honeymooned in October 2001, 10 night in Phuket and 7 nights in Kuala Lumpur. Phuket was awesome but if we did it again (and we may well, given that we have our 10th wedding anniversary this coming October) we'd have a night or two at Phi Phi Islands instead of the day trip we took there. And while I love to shop, 7 nights in KL was too many. Actually I don't even know how far Southeast Asia is from Canada, lol, so sorry if this is even a ridiculous suggestion ;)

    xx Karen

  9. Enjoy the wedding planning--it goes by SO fast. And it's great that you have a venue already; that's usually the toughest thing to lock down. You are one busy lady these days! XOXO

  10. Good luck on all those projects! You busy busy bee. We were in Florida this year but I would have given my eye teeth to have visited Savannah, Georgia! We stayed on the coast islands (Jekkyl Island)....check it out. Southern beach, awesome cool historical city....maybe?

  11. Wow..I am so happy you have the date and the place..That is truly amazing. Im so excited for you,sweetie. Sounds like you are very busy lately:) Hugs and kisses and enjoy it all

    Ps: I am hosting a great home decor GIVEAWAY today, so please join in :)

  12. Have you discovered the website www.stylemepretty.com yet? It's great for wedding inspirations. And, of course, don't forget good old Martha Stewart.

  13. vacation suggestions: mayan riviera. beach + old mayan ruins + town to discover. plus it's (semi) cheap. other thoughts were greece, or somewhere in the mediterranean, but depends on your budget!

    wedding suggestions: ditto to style me pretty. there's also diybride.com and younghouselove - they did their whole wedding on the cheap! there's a ton of stuff out there so don't get overwhelmed. go with what you love, and don't second guess it. it'll be great! :)

  14. I love that dresser you found! You are a busy gal, Lenore! How exciting to be planning your wedding. It'll be fun to hear where you choose to go for your honeymoon. So many great choices!

  15. so excited to see the dresser complete in our bedroom!

    I traveled quite a bit last year and my favourite beaches were Anafi Island in Greece (Sept is perfect timing), Trindade/Paraty in Brazil and any island in Thailand. My favourite cities were San Francisco, Paris and Barcelona.

    Have fun planning!

  16. oh my ...these ladies have been to amazing exotic places!! they all sound fantastic!

    I'm so excited for you and all of the super fun things you have to look forward to!

    can't wait to see your knobs!


  17. you set a date! how wonderful!

    as for suggestions, i adore burlington, VT and avila beach, CA. they're the best!

    xo Alison


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