18 January 2011

Etsy Love: Shop Dirtsa

Holy mama it's cold outside here! I'm talking -43 degrees celsius with the wind chill kind of cold! That means that I'm all about staying warm and cozy right now. We bought a new macbook computer and router over Christmas and this is my very first blog post coming from the comfort of my very own bed! Can you say sweet?

I think my bed is my favourite place to be...with the thick down comforter, worn soft sheets and thick comfy pillows. Oh and J and Gus to keep me company! That's why I'm loving Etsy boutique Shop Dirtsa with their adorable throw pillows.

{all images via shopdirtsa}

Don't you just love the Scrabble-style design of the letters? J and I love to play the classic word board game, so I'm especially fond of these. They would make me smile every time I climbed into bed!

How's your January weather treating you? Wherever you are, I hope you're warm and cozy!

Have a lovely week my friends!


  1. ah! my mom would love these! not because they would appeal to a 66 year old but she L O V E S to play scrabble!

  2. Today was a warm one, a balmy 38 degrees F here in NJ. So I primed in the garage and didn't freeze my butt off for a happy change. I love those scrabble pillows, what a fantastic idea! Stay warm, Spring will be here before ya know it!

  3. Our January weather is great, thanks...quite alot of rain but quite alot of over 30 degrees celcius days too :) But then it is the middle of summer in NZ ;P It is cold here in winter but the coldest temps are only a few degrees below zero so nothing like -43! I can't even imagine how cold that is!

    Keep warm and remember that Spring isn't too far away...which is autumn for us...boo hoo :(

    Why is it that winter seems to hang around forever and summer is over in a flash?

    xx Karen

  4. Those are fun pillows. I grew up playing scrabble and am still hooked on it. Our weather was beautiful today and it felt almost like a touch of spring. It's too early for that but it was lovely. I felt a little more motivated to get back to painting with the nicer weather. Have a good rest of the week!

  5. ACK. So in love with those pillows!


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