21 November 2010

Oh hello snow!

Winter is here!  This is what it looks like out my front window...

So instead of venturing out, I'm surrounding myself with all things knitting...

And baking these old favourites...but with chocolate chips instead of pecans!

And painting this piece of furniture...

And hanging out with this guy...

And that's just today!  Yesterday J and I had date night, starting out with watching my neice play ringette...and got to hang out with my sweet nephew Wyatt...

Followed by a knuckle-biting 4 rounds of glow bowling.  Yes, you can see who is the champion!

What have you been getting up to this fine weekend my friends?


  1. Oh looks like you are having a great weekend L!
    W is super cute- what a face!

  2. looks like a nice cozy weekend, lenore! i took emmy to see phantom at hte local high school yesterday, and it was so nice to get out and do something just us girls, support the local students. and let me tell you, they are sooo talented, it's so fun to see! congrats on your bowling victory!

  3. It's so pretty out your front window! We don't get snow where I live. It does sound like a cozy weekend. We had cold and rain this weekend but got all of our shopping done for Thanksgiving dinner. So, I feel fairly organized. I hope to paint some tomorrow. Your dog is a cutie.

  4. aw your w/e sounds like it was so fun!

  5. looks like you had a lovely weekend! those muffins looks awesome :)

    xo Alison

  6. The friday night knitting club is a great read i loved it even though i don't knit!


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